About me

Peter Adkins, born in Goes on the 9th of August 1983. Living and working in The Netherlands. Focused on internet projects, web development, Web 2.0, startups, Linux and open source projects. Reading a book and watching a movie every now and then.

Peter has years of entrepreneurial experience and a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) degree with the major Business Information Technology and minors in e-Business Innovation and Information Security. This Bachelor was completed at Zeeland University for Applied Science in Vlissingen, which is highly ranked in several national surveys.

Founder of HQ Websolutions in 2003, a company that develops and maintains websites and internet applications and offers innovative technology to manage websites. It’s focus is on leveraging technology to further the business objectives of our clients and to design realistic internet strategies that accomplish their goals. Customers include commercial organizations of any size, semi-government and non-profit organizations as universities.

In 2008, Peter Adkins co-founded the Captolia group, an online publisher that is ‘driving traffic into profit’ for a group of selected partners. Currently Captolia networks is operating in several European countries and highly active in the financial and telecommunications industry.

More information about my professional career can be found on LinkedIn. If you want to get in touch with me you can email me at peter@adkins.nl.